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Quick tip: Save webpage with all images including stylesheet images

DownThemAll! gives you ability to download all assets on a page but it currently doesn't support downloading resources within external files like stylesheets.

The easy way: Use this one-click download website tool

The longer way:

In order to save an entire webpage with the referenced stylesheet images you'll need Firefox. Open up the webpage and click File-> Save Page As... and from that prompt select "Web Page, Complete". Once you've saved this page this downloads a complete version of the html, javascript, css files and images that are referenced in the HTML. The only thing you are missing is the images that are referenced in the stylesheets.

To grab those right-click the page and click View page info. From this screen click the "Media" tab. This tab lists every single image from that page including the ones in the stylesheet. Select all of the images in that top box and then click Save As... and save them in the same folder that the "Web Page, Complete" put all of your images.